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Sorry, unfortunately, MailScan 4 for Merak is no longer in our catalog because of its illegal activity.

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Publisher description

MailScan for Merak is the world's first "Real-Time" e-mail scanner for Merak Mail Server. This server is published by IceWarp Software. MailScan 6.1 for Merak acts like a Content-Security and Anti-Virus Software for your Corporate Merak. It scans and cleans e-mails that: A) Flow between all the local users. B) Go from your Merak to the Internet. C) Come into your Merak from the Internet (either via SMTP or POP3). MailScan 4 is the *only* product available that transparently works on both SMTP and POP3 traffic. It has the world's first Content-Security and Anti-Virus that analyzes e-mails on real time basis *before* they are delivered to your clients or servers. Both SMTP and POP3 are supported. Technically a new layer, the MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is introduced between the default WinSock2 and the applications. This layer analyzes traffic that flows between Merak and the Internet or your applications. Anti-Virus and Content-Checking are some of the benefits offered by MailScan. It also has a Generic Attachment Analyzer, automatic compression/decompression feature, a comprehensive Notification Engine and many features, not available on other products. MailScan uses eScan Content-Security and Anti-Virus features to scan all e-mails. Incoming and outgoing e-mails are scanned and cleaned of Viruses and the contents checked, before your actual e-mail server processes them. All MailScan processes are multi-threaded. This ensures that all e-mails are parallely processed. All types of attachments are handled by MailScan, including MIME and UUEncoded. Other types supported are: RFC822 attachments, Embedded e-mails, Multipart-Mixed and Multipart-Digest types. USPs offered by MailScan: No port settings or changes need to be done inside Merak. Dedicated gateway machine not needed to use MailScan. MailScan works along with Merak on the same machine. Support - 24 X 7 FREE ONLINE SUPPORT.

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